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FOR SALE: Baby Congo African Grey, two Quakers, two Green‐cheek Conures, a baby Greenwing Macaw and two one‐year old Greenwing Macaws. Call: Gay Whitney in New Bern at 252‐637‐4238 or contact parrotmom@parrotmom.net for more information.

CANARIES & FINCHES – American Singer Canaries and beautiful silver/black Society Finches; male canaries $85/ea, female canaries $70/ea, society finches $25/ea. Contact Sharon at (919) 266‐4935

RIVERBANK AVIARY ‐ All parent birds are kept in an indoor, controlled environment. Babies are hand fed and raised in a loving home environment with daily human interaction. We raise Blue and Gold Macaws, Yellow Collar Mini Macaws, Severe Mini Macaws, Jenday Conures, A variety of mutations of Cockatiels, and Rosy Bourke Grass Parakeets.
For availability please visit our web site
www.riverbankaviary.com or call (919) 266‐0906

CAROLINA FLIGHT AVIARY: Fischer’s and Masked Love Birds available. Contact Wendy at CarolinaFlight@aol.com, (919) 219‐8444; Website: http://www.myspace.com/carolinaflightaviary

K & L AVIARY: Big, beautiful breeders or sweet tame pets! We have pets year‘ round! Cockatiels from $100 and up. We occassionally have English Budgerigars, Lineolated Parakeets, and Parrotlets. All birds from top exhibition stock – klaviary@showtiels.com or 919‐552‐6312


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